“Kathy Brown is a public speaking goddess! I felt that my presentations, audios and videos could use some pizazz. Well, she delivered loads of great examples, wonderful advice and a bounty of creative ideas on how I could improve my presence. My confidence is now over the moon! I’ve saved both time and money! If you’d like to have that “wow” factor added to your stage presence, working with Kathy is the answer. Thanks, Kathy!”

Laura Smith
Chief Groovy Chick

Kathy put me at ease right away with unique and memorable ways to start my class. I enjoyed and loved her creativity as she demonstrated innovative ideas on how to connect and engage my audience. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their speaking skills and get some great new ideas!

Chricell Bedard

“Kathy coached me on my style, speaking voice, how to pause, body position, and honed my message. As I practiced, Kathy chimed in with “try this” or “say that” and it worked. She would demonstrate and I would try again. We have great chemistry. Kathy is a pro and is genuinely making an incredible effort to meet my hope and expectations!”

Anne E. Denny
Speaker and Author


• Uncover New Thinking
• Nurture Content to Communicate Your Message
• Enhance Your Presentation and Delivery
• Fine Tune Objectives and Outcomes
• Feed Your Uniqueness

Have Fun
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