How to Attract, Keep, and Engage In The Business Of Life

How to Attract, Keep, and Engage In The Business Of Life

Don’t Be Predictable …Be Unique! It doesn’t pay to stay on the path of predictability. You really need to be noticed before people will want what you have to offer. Sameness is lameness. I personally don’t like vanilla ice cream unless it is covered with fun stuff like carmel, fudge, nuts, and whipped cream with a cherry on top just to make it “interesting.” I remember the saying “if you keep doing things the same way, you’re going to get the same results”. Don’t be predictable except when it comes to ethics and integrity.

You get more insightful and have more clarity when you go off the predictable path. Storyboard your ideas into creative new outcomes that produce new, improved results. Get involved with a mastermind group with a variety of backgrounds who address the same business issues with different sets of eyes, experiences, and knowledge. Different age groups also add some unique paradigms that are important to consider so you remain focused and yet progressive.

Don’t focus on “getting” somewhere but on “being” somewhere. You need to know WHERE you want to BE and then storyboard ways to get there. As I mature, which beats getting old,
…I realize that I used to be more of a “Human Doing” than a “Human Being.” My family and friends have enjoyed the human being part of me best and so have I once I realized the Power created in who I AM rather than what I DO. We are all important because we ARE not because of what we DO. The worldly people who only focus on accomplishments rather than on the genuine worth of the person miss out on an amazing quality in building relationships. Think about this: “If I am what I do, what am I when I don’t do what I do?” Could that have an impact on why people don’t retire because their identity is in their work not in their personal worth to others who know and care about them.

I want to challenge you to think beyond the ordinary by being extra-ordinary in who you are and what you can contribute to something bigger than yourself. It’s “really” not about making money as much as our true worth is in “making a difference”. Try to be more patient which sounds weird coming from a Type A person. Barbara Bush made me stop and think when when she said: “Impatience stems almost solely from our exaggerated notion of what is due us. If we could lower our estimation of the importance of our time, our plans, and our feelings, we would find ourselves automatically more patient.” We can all learn so much from others! The key, as I see it, is in APPLYING what I learn into how I act!

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