Susan Allen, MSN-RN-BC
V.P. of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center




“You captured the audience right from the start and held them throughout your presentation leaving them laughing and wanting more. I would love to see Kathy at a future conference. Although everyone was great, she was spectacular.” It was a pleasure working with you as you were prompt, professional, and a lot of fun. We look forward to having you back!
Sherri Szep
Michigan Health & Rehab Conference

“You were fantastic, awesome, and your title energetically speaking fits you to a tee! You had the highest scores of a speaker in all of Baptist University history. Our evaluation scale that ranges from 1-5 and you had all fives with the exception that many people put 5+++ or said that you rated off the scale.”
Baptist Hospital, Pensacola Florida
Janet Day, HT

“Your variety of interwoven topics, your upbeat presentations, and your unique sense of humor brought your message home to us all. This was the first year that I can remember when everyone of our attendees returned to the auditorium after break instead of wandering away to work on other activities. That is a compliment about your ability to stimulate and entertain our employees.”
Hennepin Technical College
Marty Patterson, Senior Dean of Instruction

“Last year’s convention evaluations requested you back to present on another topic at this year’s convention and you WOWED an estimated 400 attendees again !!!! It was a privilege to be able to feature such an excellent presenter to our Long Term Care professionals. You are such a joy to work with.”
Health Care Association of Michigan
Linda Munson, Director of Education

“I’m glad we used you to close the show each day. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one to follow you an any agenda. You are the proverbial “tough act to follow.” Beyond that, you were perfect for Curves and for our franchise community. The feedback we’ve had has been universally effusive. It’s not easy to help 3,000 women learn and laugh in the same session, but you did it!”
Curves International, Inc.
Mike Raymond, President

“You Are The Heart Of The Hospital” was extremely well received by the nurses. Your combined warmth, sensitivity, humor and outstanding platform skills are a recipe for keynote success! Your experience as a registered nurse further establishes and cements your credibility with nursing audiences.”
Los Angeles Heart Institute
Michele Y. Bonant, M.S., M.P.H., CHES

“I want to thank you for the outstanding presentation you provided at Carle’s Business Health services’ seminar. That may be an understatement since 100% of participants felt your presentation was very good or excellent. They represented a diverse group of leaders, which makes the survey results even more impressive. Some comments were:
Very informative. Materials can be used to teach others at my job.
Over the top – doesn’t get much better than this.
Superb information – superbly presented!
Business Health Services
Joan R. Zernich, Director

“Your presentation at the recent Serono Symposia Fourteenth International Conference for Nurses and Support Personnel in Reproductive Medicine was phenomenal. This was the first time that we had a speaker such as yourself open and close the conference. Your talk was truly inspirational. As I looked around the room on the days you spoke, I saw nurses crying and laughing almost simultaneously. As the chairperson at this conference you more than exceed my expectations. I consider it invaluable for people to be “in touch” with their feelings. Nurses especially. I heard many nurses say that they had not laughed or cried like that in a long time. Thank you so much for all that you gave to so many people throughout the conference as well as your excellent talks. Thank you for being there and being you!”
Ottawa Hospital
Marianne Morrison, Clinical Services Manager,OB/GYN,ADMIN-ACU

“Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation. My co-workers were motivated by your energetic and friendly personality. Comments from them were Kathy was awesome! Very upbeat, positive, and super hilarious. I left feeling very uplifted. You can tell she is full of great wisdom.”
3M Office of Intellectual Property Counsel
Kathy Murray

“Your ability to both move us to tears and push us to laughter is a gift. We are grateful to have received it and for the pleasure of your company in celebrating the wonderful nurses at the Cambridge Health Alliance. Thank you so much for your patience, humor, encouragement and of course your energy!”
Cambridge Health Alliance
Rick Lacy, MS, RN, Senior Director of Public Health Nursing Services

“You were a great hit with our registrants at the CAHAV Convention. People came out of your session smiling, laughing and saying, She was great. You reached our registrants in a very positive way. They loved you!!!!”
Colorado Association of Healthcare Auxilians/Volunteers
Meryl M. Johnson, V.P. of Convention

“I loved our time together today. Your coaching is exactly why I need… Learning how to deliver more impact, use my voice more effectively, add humor and engage the audience. Thank you for sharing your insights, wisdom, and words of encouragement!”
Plan Well. Finish Well.
Anne Denny, President, Speaker & Author