The Power In Relationships

The Power In Relationships

“We are as rich as our relationships” according to Nido Qubein. Well said my friend! True success lies in our relationships with others. In order to have good relationships with others become interested in what others are doing and be interesting yourself.

We need a customer service mentality in our relationships. Make enthusiasm a way of life. Be contagious. It is harder to be enthusiastic when you’re tired, broke, or bored. Don’t catch other peoples lack of enthusiasm.

Life is a self fulfilling prophecy. There is a power in belief. you become what you think about. Transform a drab existence into a dazzling adventure! It takes time and a commitment to nature friendships. We become like the people we associate with so attract abundant thinking people. People who have scarcity thinking are skeptical and critical. My advice is to over communicate and under criticize. Praises are Wages!

How much harder and longer would you work for someone who appreciates not only what you Do but even more importantly, who you ARE.

Be authentic. Be yourself….unless you’re a Jerk, then be someone else. He,he.

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