The Power of “Others”

The Power of “Others”

There is something special when we connect and contribute to the lives of “others.”  We need “others” in our lives for a multitude of reasons both logical and emotional. It seems to me that almost every time I meet someone I learn something from them or feel differently because of that encounter. I think of myself as a student of “others.”  The more we understand what ” others” need and want the more effective and efficient we can be and do in response to meet those needs.

What is the process to maximize the impact “others” have on us ?

We need to:

1.  Acknowledge that we need help from “others” to achieve our personal and professional goals.

2. Be kind, appreciative, and respectful to those willing to be of assistance.

3. Pay it forward by giving before we get. Contribute more than we cost to increase the value to whom we give.

4.  Be available to help “others” in “other” ways. That’s where creativity and imagination bring on even greater opportunities.

It’s now up to You to Do something that matters to “Others.” :-)




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