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Kathy customizes all of her presentations with examples and stories that are relevant to that specific audience.  She will take you from communication to engagement to connection to conversations to questions.

Kathy will help you learn communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal,  that will assist you in building meaningful relationships.

Healthcare Keynote:

Kathy shares health care experiences with a message so you will:

  • • Learn how to maximize your “moments” with others so they
       know you care.
  • • Be inspired to excellence in patient outcomes as well as your
       ability to work effectively with others.

Corporate/ Association Keynote:

Kathy helps organizations embrace change as the new normal while improving their employees ability to communicate and build trust.

Kathy will help you create positive change by:

  • • Helping employees manage their stress both personally
       and professionally.
  • • Inspiring passion for customer service excellence.

Humorous Keynote:

Kathy will help you:

  • • Find the fun while you discover creative solutions to your challenges.
  • • Discover the Happy Factors that attract and energize others to action.
  • • Learn how to relax before you collapse.